BASC Sub Committees

To see the full membership of each sub-committee, please visit our Members page.

Sailing Sub Committee

Decides upon our race programme, ensures handicaps are up to date, reviews BASC's sailing rules, promotes participation on the water, organises prizes.

Lead member: Rory Kelsey

Training Sub Committee

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Organises our annual ten-week Sailing School programme and encourages the development of sailing skills, particularly amongst juniors.

Lead member: Hugh Braidwood

Social Sub Committee

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Organises various social events throughout the year, from our annual prize-giving 'Dinner Dance' to summer barbecues.

Lead member: George Folkard

Maintenance Sub Committee

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Coordinates all maintenance and safety related jobs at BASC, from staining the clubhouse to arranging the servicing of our rescue boats.

Bosun (lead member): Duncan Braidwood